First community contribution

By | January 18, 2014

And there we have it, the first community contribution via is now live.

Andreas Thienemann’s offered to test and do some work of the work around the i686 CentOS-7 builds; and has gone through to propose mock configs that allow the i686 tree to be bootstrapped. I’ve just merged his pull request, and pushed it to the builders. The entire distro churn for i686 is now running, with details at and you can see the build reports published in realtime at

This should allow everyone to quantify the scope of work we might be looking at, if as a community, we decide to maintain a i686 tree + installer for CentOS-7.

– KB

One thought on “First community contribution

  1. Chinmay Rajyaguru

    Wow! That’s great for us.. I am waiting for CentOS 7… 🙂

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