Helping the larger ecosystem upgrade

By | June 4, 2014

As we get ready for CentOS-7 ( hope everyone is keeping their eyes on ) I’ve been wondering what we can do from the CentOS Project side of things to help the larger ecosystem adapt, facilitate and grow into CentOS-7 once its released. And what we might be able to do in the interim to help with testing and porting efforts that people might be undertaking right now, as they too get ready for CentOS-7. There are some really cool things coming in CentOS-7, and it would be great if we can, as a community ensure that people are able to use these features in the best possible manner. And also educate people about these new features, so they are able to make the right choices.

So with that in mind, are you someone who is a part of or contributes to an open source community or effort, who rely on CentOS-5 and/or CentOS-6 ? How can we help you get on the CentOS-7 targets ?

– KB

6 thoughts on “Helping the larger ecosystem upgrade

  1. Michael_P

    I dream of a virtual appliance market place like Turnkey, but based on CentOS-7.
    Need a LDAP ? Pick-up. Need a LAMP Server ? Pick-up.
    Your dreamed appliance is not found ? Learn, build it up and upload it.

    A community of virtual appliances based on sharing…

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      That is interesting. How would we run / audit / control something like that though ? Is there code already in place that we might be able to lean on to implement something like this ?

      – KB

  2. Philip Mather

    Kickstart scripts, either what’s been used in QA if that’s something that’s lying around and/or a simple handful of say “Absolute Minimal (inc no man files etc…)”, an “IPV6 only configured DNS-SEC BIND Server”, a “I want to run an Internet Facing HTTPS CentOS Repository Mirror Server”, perhaps even a “Katello, Pulp, Foreman, Candlepin, Puppet, Cobbler + PXE VM printing Monster” type set-up? Appliances are great but sometimes you need to start from the basic infrastructure components.

  3. Michael_P

    Design note :
    – Turnkey Linux uses Debian live installer.
    – Once a system is installed, there is a tui in first console to configure a few settings : IP, root passwd, shutdown, reboot and update.
    – SSH and other consoles shell are present
    – They have also WebMin but I disable it for security purpose.
    – A wonderful feature is a shell running in your web browser (AJAX?)
    – Web based configuration tools like phpMyAdmin, phpLdapAdmin, and/or pre-configured WebMin modules.

    This goes to a live cd iso, then a qemu/kvm qcov image.
    OVF, suitable VMWare, XEN images, etc comes often from the community.

    Nothing of this sounds impossible to CentOS-7.
    The hard point I see is getting facilities to store and organise all those stuffs: Hardware, bandwith and manpower.
    A bittorrent system ? After all it is all about sharing, no ? 😉

  4. Tet

    Provide an upgrade path from the beta releases to the final release.

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      There is no upgrade path from the Beta and Testing QA builds to the Final release. You will need to really reinstall the machine.

      – KB

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