Intoduction to RPM packaging – From CentOS Dojo Brussels 2015

At the CentOS Dojo Brussels 2015 Brian Stinson presented an introduction to RPM packaging session, focused on sysadmins looking to make the next step into packaging their own apps as well as dependencies. In this session he covers: Short overview of the RPM format Setting up an rpmbuild environment Building packages with rpmbuild Building packages… Read More »

Guide to Software Collections – From CentOS Dojo Brussels 2015

At the CentOS Dojo Brussels 2015 Honza Horak presented on Software Collections. Starting from what they are, how they work and how they are implemented. During this 42 min session he also ran through how people can create their own collections and how they can extend existing ones. Software Collections are a way to deliver… Read More »

Docker: to keep those old apps ticking

Got an old, long running app on CentOS-4 that you want to retain ? Running a full blown VM not worth while ? Well, Docker can help. As Jim found out earlier today : I did a bad thing: $ docker run –rm -ti centos4:latest /bin/bash bash-3.00# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 4.9 (Final) — Jim Perrin (@BitIntegrity)… Read More »

Libguestfs preview for EL 7.1

Want to see whats coming with libguestfs in EL 7.1 ? Richard Jones has setup a preview repo at that contains all the bits you need. To set this up: # cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/libguestfs-RHEL-7.1-preview.repo

CentOS-India meetup group announced!

Hi, There is a meetup group for CentOS usere in India at : and they are looking for people to come join as well as people to help run local meetings in different parts of the country. So if you are based in India, use or would like to use CentOS Linux, go ahead… Read More »

The EPEL and CentOS Project relationship

On Saturday 31st Jan, after close of Fosdem day 1 – I am working to bring together a group of people who all care about the EPEL and CentOS Project relationships to try and workout how best to move things forward. Key points to address are how SIG’s and other efforts in CentOS can consume,… Read More »

CentOS in OpenShift Commons

Happy to announce that the CentOS Project is now a part of the OpenShift Commons initiative. In their own words : The Commons builds connections and collaboration across OpenShift communities, projects and stakeholders. In doing so we’ll enable the success of customers, users, partners, and contributors as we deepen our knowledge and experiences together. A… Read More »

EPEL Orphaned packages and their dependents to be removed Dec 17th

Hi, The EPEL repository runs from within the Fedora project, sharing resources ( including, importantly their source trees ) with the Fedora ecosystem; over the years its proven to be a large and helpful resource for anyone running CentOS Linux. One key challenge they have however, much like CentOS Linux, is that the entire effort… Read More »

The CentOS Events twitter account

Hi, @CentOSEvents is now live! We will be tweeting about events we run, events we participate in and all the dojo planning, presenting, attending info you might want. – KB