Where is the i686 in rhel 7

By | December 15, 2013

RHEL 7 seems to have dropped installer / native support for 32bit Intel x86 machines. Only 64bit machines will be supported, and there is 32bit multilib support built in, so people can still run most 32bit apps.

So do we want to build a 32bit installer and os tree for CentOS-7 ? Can we find the people and resources ( mostly people, resources for an extra os tree are minimal in this case ) to be able to maintain that 32bit tree ? Large part of the answer would depend on what feature set we intend to support ( likely wont be a 100% cover of the x86_64 spec ), and what the real user demand for this is.

Update: Its worth noting that we might need to build a i686 tree in order to build the multilib components in x86_64 anyway.

– KB

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    1. RedHatter

      A+ Agree 100%
      Be ready to build CentOS 7 x64 the day RHEL7 drops, spend the prep time here.

    2. M. Edward Borasky (@znmeb)

      Interesting – Fedora 19 supported both i686 and x86_64 and so does Fedora 20. I can see why RHEL 7 would want to avoid 32-bit systems, but why does Fedora still support them?

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  3. kbsingh Post author

    Part of the problem is also that the i686 components included in the x86_64 tree need to be built – and there isnt enough 32bit userland to achieve that; so we are going to need chunks of i686 added into the build roots anyway.

    Similar to the ppc on ppc64 problem,

      1. Zenon


        # bugzilla #1044707
        export CFLAGS=”%{optflags} -lrt”
        # patch9 touches configure.in


        # bugzilla #1046345:
        #global with_clustering_support 1
        %global with_clustering_support 0

        See also 1046276, 1046328, 1046334, 1046354, 1046357, 1046362, 1046363, 1046373 and 1046374.

        You’re in an easy place that only need i686 content for the x86_64. I need a full installer for my 32-bit laptop, plus a good chunk of epel7-i686 🙁

        Note: the rpms in the link above are “dirty” with fc19 and are only usable as bootstrap. They will be clean if/when they are signed and the buildhost dosn’t have “hybrid” in its hostname.

        1. Karanbir Singh Post author


          We just need to make the 32 bit installer happen as a CentOS plus build.

  4. deandownsouth

    I find this interesting. Some of you folks are amazing. I’d never presume to tell someone ‘nah, you just stay on version x, you don’t need to upgrade’ or ‘why don’t you just upgrade your hardware?’. It’s about choice folks. RH is going into dangerous waters by deciding wholesale to lop off a whole platform. I have a colleague that has several hundred appliances in an industrial setting that are all 32bit. They do not need the memory footprint that x64 provides and these devices work great. He does want to upgrade to stay current (yes, the 6.x branch is supported for a while but that’s not the point). To me, it’s the attitude that is very troubling. Just because *you* don’t need 32bit or don’t have a use case you think that everyone else doesn’t either and don’t support having that as an option. Red Hat has made some very let’s just say interesting decisions that have caused a lot of problems for their user base.

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  6. Danny

    Still waiting/searching for CentOS 7 32bit.
    I have 32bit PC’s/Laptops.
    It is getting more and more critical to use the somewhat outdated software on C6. I get a lot warnings on websites that i visit that i use a outdated browser. Also flash is getting worse to use.

    Someone have a 32bit repo so i can use yum update from 6 to 7 ?

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      Hi Danny,

      There is a 32bit effort in as well – I would recommend you join the centos-devel mailing list and post about it there. The actual work required is quite small ( I believe its mostly linked to the kernel builds ).

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