An EPEL build in rhel7b1

By | January 2, 2014

Just as a PoC and to see how the inter-worker process locks work in the CentOS buildsystem, I churned the epel6 srpm set through rhel7b1’s public content. The entire run took just over a day, and I was surprised to see 4,440 binary rpms ( from 2,870 srpms ); There was no requeue / rpm-blame enabled here, and the packages were roughly built in the order they went in. 4,950 srpms were import from epel-6/srpms/30th Dec 2013.

Result is available here : ; hope this further allows people to test the bits they care about in the upcoming release, and also something that the epel guys can find useful. For everyone who hasent seen the CentOS Buildsystem output, this is what it looks like. The entire contents of the mock resultdir are pushed, along with some metadata around the build, and every build has a ‘TAG’ which represents the date/time when it was ‘requested’.

Most people should/would want to track the real EPEL builds at :

– KB

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