is now open

By | January 13, 2014

As of about 30 minutes back, during the first ever CentOS OfficeHours session ( ) we announced that is nw open to public access. In the coming hours, you will start to see content flow in as its injected from the older private setup into the new public setup. In order to hit the points that people care about most, as early as possible – I am going to get the content being CentOS-7’s builds available.

This includes the mock configs, the metadata around those, the distribution blacklists and whitelists as well as the distro-tree management scripts.

User ACL’s are complex and the actual contribution acceptable policy is going to hit the centos-devel list for comments once its been through a board review. But in order to not let that hold us all back from being able to jump in and start contributing, I’m going to get repo mirrors on, allowing us to start acceping pull requests right away. Lets start with that, and if its an easier route for most people, we can just retain the mirrors for inbound content going forward.

For now, enjoy!

– KB