Can we deliver a PowerPC build for CentOS-7

By | June 12, 2014

Hi everyone,

The powerpc platform has always been interesting, but hard to get and while we’ve had some levels of interest in the past, either I struggled to find the hardware to bootstrap the builds, or we were unable to get enough communication going to bring the community of contributors together to kick things off. Now as we work through the mechnics of building and delivering CentOS-7 on x86, we again have the opportunity to try and see if there is a willing, contributor community that can come form up a PPC SIG in CentOS.

We do have some resources ( compute + network + mirror ) to make the backend side of things happen, and the folks at have offered us some capacity on their community powerpc builder resources to help as well.

Interested to come help ? Join the conversion on the centos-devel mailing list :

– KB

15 thoughts on “Can we deliver a PowerPC build for CentOS-7

  1. Mick Russom

    It would be super cool to get CentOS 7 out first. Then talk of ports to things not many people care about.

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      The way to influence that is to get busy in the interface and help close all the remaining issues off. I am working on things as best as I can, but let that not hold you off from trying to help.

    2. Stefan

      Personally I care quite a lot about a POWER version of CentOS, so if that would happen it’d make me very happy. I’m running Fedora 20 on my OpenPower 720 atm, and it’s working OK I guess, but I’d rather run the same distro all over my production environment.

  2. Nana

    We also want POWER PC version of CentOS 7.
    Can we get it soon?

  3. Ozan

    I have power 7 and power 8 boxes for test. Do you plan BE or LE?

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      Initially, we are going to be working on BE, but we hope to have little endian support fairly quickly.

    2. Bay Nol

      hi all, i have ibm power 720 server, does it mean that if I’m going to download the CentOS 7 x86_64 is not compatible or won’t run on my server?

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      we’ve made some progress, should have news in the next few days

  4. jesseflb

    got a few powerbooks recently only waiting to slap centos on them now…..always been my fav… a release certain anytime soon?…i’d be so happy

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      powerbooks ? ok, i am not sure if we will have support going back that far. You might need to atleast build the kernel and some of the other bits for ppc suppor directly ( this is the ppc 32bit stuff ).

  5. Erv Kuhnke

    I would be interested … I have a couple G4 power macs and 12 al pwr book and a dual g5 .. if you need a tester

    1. Karanbir Singh Post author

      unfortunately the powerpc builds we are doing only work on Power7 and Power8 – there will be some work that needs doing before we can do a G4 ot G5 build ( i would like to see it though, I too have a g5 and some older G4 mac’s around that are sitting around doing nothing ).


      1. Freddy

        Hi Karan,
        Power6 as well? Are you using any specific optimizations regarding power7 or power8?

        1. Karanbir Singh Post author

          we have it released, look at – at the moment its power8le and power7+ for big endian only – but if someone is willing to come and help with the port, we can certainly facilitate anything from power6 up.

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