Our second stable Atomic Host release

By | September 10, 2015

Jason just announced our second stable CentOS Atomic Host release at http://seven.centos.org/2015/09/announcing-a-new-release-of-centos-atomic-host/

I’m very excited about this one, and its not only because I’ve helped make it happen – but this is also the first time a SIG in the CentOS Ecosystem has done a full release, from rpms, to images, to hosted vendor space ( AMI’s in 9 regions on Amazon’s EC2 ).

One of the other things that I’ve been really excited about is that this is the first time we’ve used the rpm-sign infra that I’ve been working on these past few days. It allows SIG built content ( rpms or images or ISOs or even text ) to be signed with pre-selected keys. And do this without having to compromise the key trust level. I will blog more around this process and how SIGs can consume these keys, and how this maps to the TAG model being used in cbs.centos.org

for now, go get started with the CentOS Atomic Host!