Welcome CDN77.com as a CentOS Project Sponsor

By | May 24, 2016

Over the years, the CentOS Project infra has exclusively been run on donated hardware, managed by the CentOS infra team from end to end. Most of the edge parts of the content delivery have happened from third party mirrors – these third party mirrors have helped massively in ensuring that we’re able to deliver content rapidly, in a verifiable way, across the world to any yum operation run from a CentOS Linux machine.

Since this network is so focused on delivering end user content, and only released signed content – when we setup buildlogs.centos.org as a way for developers and users to see early content, just fresh from the Community Build service, or from content that people were working on: we decided to not put this content on the wide mirror network. There is a much smaller consumption base for this content, and the price on disk for mirror content is very high for content that does not otherwise see much movement. This model worked fine, we ran a few machines behind buildlogs.centos.org for almost a year and a half before we started hitting capacity issues. Mostly network latency in some areas of the world were poor from the US and EU, where we ran these machines from.

It was at this time that Oskar Gottlieb from CDN77.com got in touch offering to help seed some of our content! We were more than happy to take this up, but had to work through the difference in how their system works V/s what we had in place at the time. Then after a brief test, Fabian announced our move to serving content from CDN77 for all buildlogs.centos.org binary content. You can read this announcement here : https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2016-March/014552.html

What we are effectively doing is : serve the repodata and metadata for the content from buildlogs.centos.org backed machines run from the CentOS resources, managed by the CentOS infra team. However, any content ( rpms, images etc ) that anyone gets, are offloaded to the CDN77 network across the world.

This has been hugely beneficial for us : it reduced the amount of resources we needed to continue to meet the growing demand for content from here, and it also allowed our associate SIG projects to rapidly seed out devel and testing content ( eg. the RDOProject offloads their tripleo images to buildlogs.centos.org, that are then also served from the CDN77.com network ).

I’d like to welcome CDN77.com to our sponsor network. Tts sponsors like them who’ve kept the project alive and well resourced up over the years – its a network we continue to rely on extensively. If you use CentOS Linux and would like to join the sponsor network, please get in touch.