create a new repo from the cli

By | January 13, 2017

I often get into a state where I’ve started some work, done some commits etc and then realised I dont have a place to push the code to. Getting it on github has involved getting the browser out, login to github, click click click {pain}. So, here is how you can create a new repo for your login name on without moving away from the shell.

curl -H "X-GitHub-OTP: XXXXX" -u 'LoginName' -d '{"name":"Repo-To-Create"}'

You need to supply your OTP pass and replace XXXX with it, and ofcourse your own LoginName and finally the Repo-To-Create. Once this call runs, curl will ask for your password and you should get the github API dump a bunch of details ( or tell you that it failed, in which case you need to check the call ).

now the usual ‘git remote add github‘ and you are off.


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