Come help build duffy2 for CiCo

By | August 31, 2017

When I came onboard with Red Hat, one of the key impacts that I wanted to be able to use Red Hat resources for was to help the wider opensource community write, manage and deliver better code. It was with that goal that I conceptualised, bootstrapped, argued for and then got the project started up. Using well established industry standards ( Jenkins ! ) I was able to rapidly build out the provising infra around it, with copious amounts of Fabian’s help. My focus, at the time, was that it should be simple enough to just-work, but capable enough to keep working. There were many hacks involved, making it impossible to really adapt and grow outside of the service.

100’s of thousands of CI jobs later, I think we can call that bootstrap a success.

Today, as we move forward to adding more machine types, extending support for what we have – It gives me great pleasure to start talking about how the pieces come together, and how the service backend works – and open the entire stack up for folks to come help us get better, faster, better-tested and deliver duffy as a running service built on modern service development methodologies.

Come join me at as we bootstrap the next instance of this service. Everyone’s welcome!

I also want to remind people that is open to any open source project that can benefit from it ( including the access to bare metal hosts on demand ).