Community contributed Kickstarts for CentOS Linux

By | November 1, 2017


At we’ve been collecting community contributed kickstarts for various roles, deployments and versions. If you are writing and/or using kickstarts in your setup, it would be awesome to have them hosted here as well, please feel free to send PR’s. Just keep in mind a few basic things:

  • Kickstarts should end in .cfg or .ks
  • Generally should install from unless otherwise noted
  • If a hashed password is provided, include the plaintext version in a comment. Since these kickstarts are for example purposes, please use password or centos as the passwords as needed.
  • Kickstart names should provide a version and brief description, for example centos5-raid5.cfg or centos7-workstation.ks

Take a look at the README that has a few more pieces of info about this repository