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The ARM plan for CentOS

ARM is an interesting platform for many reasons and many people around the CentOS ecosystem have often spoken about a native, maintained and in-sync CentOS ARM build might be. But a couple of major drawbacks have kept us ( and others ) from being able to deliver on this. The most important ones are that… Read More »

CentOS buildsystem to push reports publicly

hi, We now have all build reports for the CentOS-7 builds going publicly to ; And in the coming weeks we should have the CentOS-5 and CentOS-6 reports going there as well. You can get more info about the list, and how it works at the site. – KB is now open

As of about 30 minutes back, during the first ever CentOS OfficeHours session ( ) we announced that is nw open to public access. In the coming hours, you will start to see content flow in as its injected from the older private setup into the new public setup. In order to hit… Read More »

An EPEL build in rhel7b1

Just as a PoC and to see how the inter-worker process locks work in the CentOS buildsystem, I churned the epel6 srpm set through rhel7b1’s public content. The entire run took just over a day, and I was surprised to see 4,440 binary rpms ( from 2,870 srpms ); There was no requeue / rpm-blame… Read More »