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Forcing CPU speed

Most of the time tuned-adm can set fairly good power states, but I’ve noticed that when I want powersave as the active profile, to try and maximize the battery life – it will still run with an ondemand governor; In some cases, eg when on a plane and spending all the time in a text… Read More »

Getting Started with CentOS CI

We have been building out a CentOS Community CI infra, that is open to anyone working on infra code or related areas to CentOS Linux, and have now onboarded a few projects. You can see the web ui ( jenkins! ) at Dusty has also put together a basic getting started guide, that also… Read More »

Few changes in CentOS Atomic Host build scripts

hi, If you use the CentOS atomic host downstream build scripts at you will want to note a major change in the downstream branch. The older script has now been replaced with 3 scripts:, and; Running followed by will give you exactly the same output as the old… Read More »

CentOS Meetup in London 3rd Dec 2015

Hi, We now have a CentOS Users and contributors group for the UK on ( ), and I hosted the inaugural meetup over beer a few days back. It was a great syncup, and lots of very interesting conversations. One thing that always comes through at these meetings and I really appreciate is… Read More »

CentOS Linux 5 Update batch rate

Hi, We typically push updates in batch’s. This might be anywhere from 1 update rpm to 100’s ( for when there is a big update upstream ), however most batches are in the region of 5 to 20 rpms. So how many batches have we done in the last year in a bit ? Here… Read More »

CentOS Atomic Host in AWS via Vagrant

Hi, You may have seen the announcement that CentOS Atomic Host 15.10 is now available ( if not, go read the announcement here : ). You can get the Vagrant box’s for this image via the Atlas / VagrantCloud process or just via direct downloads from ) What I’ve also done this time… Read More »

Progress on the Software Collections SIG

hi, The software collections special interest group ( ) has been making great progress and have finished their initial bootstrap process. They are now getting ready to do a mass build for test and release. I’ve just delivered their rpm signing key, so we are pretty close to seeing content in As an… Read More »

Our second stable Atomic Host release

Jason just announced our second stable CentOS Atomic Host release at I’m very excited about this one, and its not only because I’ve helped make it happen – but this is also the first time a SIG in the CentOS Ecosystem has done a full release, from rpms, to images, to hosted vendor space… Read More »

Regular office hours

Update: I’ve moved the Thurs evening slot to Wednesday so as to not clash with Atomic SIG meeting. Hi, Starting this Thursday the 11th June, 2015 – I am going to make myself available to anyone who wants to come along and talk about CentOS Linux, the CentOS Project, the SIGs or anything else that… Read More »

Last few days in CentOS, May 5th

Just a short recap of some of the things going on around the CentOS Ecosystem. * We have now got a 5 machine armv7 ( 32 bit ) Buildsystem running. Over the coming days and weeks you should keep an eye out for testing calls. If you can, and have interesting ARM hardware, feel free… Read More »