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The portable cloud

In late 2012 I constructed myself a bare bones cluster of a couple of motherboards, stacked up and powered, to be used as a dev cloud. It worked, but was a huge mess on the table, and it was certainly neither portable nor quiet. That didnt mean I would not carry it around – I… Read More »

CentOS Atomic Host in AWS via Vagrant

Hi, You may have seen the announcement that CentOS Atomic Host 15.10 is now available ( if not, go read the announcement here : ). You can get the Vagrant box’s for this image via the Atlas / VagrantCloud process or just via direct downloads from ) What I’ve also done this time… Read More »

Our second stable Atomic Host release

Jason just announced our second stable CentOS Atomic Host release at I’m very excited about this one, and its not only because I’ve helped make it happen – but this is also the first time a SIG in the CentOS Ecosystem has done a full release, from rpms, to images, to hosted vendor space… Read More »

OpenStack Icehouse on CentOS-6

Openstack Icehouse, the next major version release in Openstack is coming soon ( target April 2014 ); and the RDO folks are hosting a couple of test days on the 19th and 20th of March so everyone can trial the code, the packaging, the update process and delivery mechanisms around this new release. If you… Read More »

Microsoft, Linux Integration Services and CentOS Linux

Interestingly a new version of the Linux Integration Services from Microsoft targetting RHEL and CentOS Linux. And bafflingly built for a Linux distro baseline otherwise obsoleted obout two years ago. Hopefully, a release that no one is running anymore. Given that RHEL and CentOS Linux are considered stable – consistent, would it not make… Read More »