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Using go-toolset on CentOS Linux 7/x86_64

With golang now gone from the CentOS Linux 7 distro ( deprecated upstream ), the best way to get golang for your system is to get it from the SCL. Firstly, enable scl itself : yum install centos-release-scl Then install the go-toolset-7 scl ( this brings in version 1.10.2 at the moment ) yum install… Read More »

Git 2 on CentOS Linux 7

Update: SCL SIG now has rh-git218, so instead of using sclo-212, use rh-git218 instead. To do an update from git 2.12 to 2.18, I’ve just gone down the path of yum erase sclo-212 && yum install rh-git218 The distro shipped git is still at version 1.8, but if you need or want a newer git… Read More »

Progress on the Software Collections SIG

hi, The software collections special interest group ( ) has been making great progress and have finished their initial bootstrap process. They are now getting ready to do a mass build for test and release. I’ve just delivered their rpm signing key, so we are pretty close to seeing content in As an… Read More »