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Come help build duffy2 for CiCo

When I came onboard with Red Hat, one of the key impacts that I wanted to be able to use Red Hat resources for was to help the wider opensource community write, manage and deliver better code. It was with that goal that I conceptualised, bootstrapped, argued for and then got the project started… Read More »

Vim 8 for CentOS Linux 7

Matěj Cepl is curating a set of Vim 8 rpms for EL7 over at – consider them testing grade, and I am sure he would appreciate feedback and issue reports. Now go get the shinny new Vim8. Grab the .repo file from drop it into your /etc/yum.repos.d/ import his key from (… Read More »

Laptops and nappies

A couple of years ago If someone said to me that my laptop bag would have equal parts electronics kit and nappy kit, I would have laughed. Now, that’s just how we roll. Kb

Migrating blogs

As I migrate the blog over, the older posts are not visible. Should have those done in a few days time. Find something else broken ? please let me know . – KB

CentOS-6.5 x86_64 and i386 are now released.

Yesterday we released CentOS-6.5 into GA and  I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone on the QA Team who contributed, often working through the small hours of the night, to bring this release out so rapidly. The release announcement is at :  and the Release Notes are at : I would also highly recommend… Read More »