Stepping Down from the CentOS Board

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I am stepping down from the CentOS Board, effective immediately. This last board meeting, the team has accepted my position and will be looking to fill the seat.

Over the last 17 years I’ve had an opportunity to learn so much from the community and hope that I’ve been able to return something too. I am not going far, and hope to remain in touch with the community, helping where I can and contributing in whatever way possible.

So many of you have helped in so many ways that its hard to even start listing things down, so I wont. But I will say thanks. To the developers, to the testers, to the users, to the irc’ers, to the forum’ers, to all the sponsors, to all the lovely people we met at the conferences and to all the people around the world who were able to share in the community - thank you for all your continued genuine support over the years. I cant even start to qualify the immense gratitude I feel towards every one of you.

The CentOS Project now takes a new direction, and I am happy to see it in capable hands. As the project takes on these new initiatives and drives in new directions I hope there is continued value for many people in participating with the project - and for those who have decided to change direction, I wish every one of you well and happy hunting into the future!

As for me, I’ll see you in the communities! In the mean time keep automating, keep testing and keep learning!

-- Karanbir Singh, Oct 2021
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